M45 Pleiades – The Seven Sisters

The Pleiades are viewable in the winter skies in the Northern Hemisphere and appear as a cluster of brightish stars. When imaged through a scope, their nebulosity appears and you see them in all their glory. The M45 open star cluster is approximately 17 light years from Earth and are a relatively easy target for […]

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Jupiter May 2018

Jupiter has just gone passed opposition which made it perfect for imaging. Also, from my backyard, it was in prime position between the trees, above my neighbours’ house. With so much deep sky imaging, it is easy to overlook the bodies in our solar system, and Jupiter is an ideal candidate for even beginners to […]

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NGC 7023 Iris Nebula

Finally, some more clear nights with an almost moonless night. After my last successful outing on the Pinwheel Galaxy at the end of April, I was keen to complete at least one more LRGB image before we lose astronomical darkness for the summer. I attempted Iris Nebula last summer but a lack of ability along […]

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