Collimating a Newtonian Scope

I shied away from using Newtonian scopes for imaging for ages as I listened to all the bogeymen stories online about how difficult they were to collimate, especially at faster FRs. My first imaging scope was a reflector – a Skywatcher ED80 – and, although I loved it and learned to image well with it, […]

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Review: “Inside PixInsight”

Anyone who has used PixInsight knows how powerful it can be, and also how steep the learning curve is. Enter the “Inside PixInsight (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)” book (£20.99 from Amazon). It comes highly recommended, but how good is it for a total novice? The book is arranged into chapters that deal with […]

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Creating a darks library

Calibration files are very important for producing low noise, high Signal-to-ratio (SNR) master light files for stretching. They are even more important, in my opinion, when shooting multiple shorter exposure subs on a CMOS sensor. Having quality dark files is therefore something we all need – the problem is, they need to be consistent with […]

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