IC 5070 – Pelican Nebula – in narrowband

I’m back at work now so my imaging sessions will really be restricted to weekends, weather permitting. The end of August has been pretty poor weather-wise but last night looked good on the forecast and I had 6 hours of dark to play with. Or so I thought.

I wasted so much time trying to get my guiding sorted – no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to stop the graph oscillating. Turns out I hadn’t enabled guiding – took me an hour to work that out! Then, I had switched out my old finder / guide scope for a dedicated 60mm guide scope but I just couldn’t get it to work properly – I think it isn’t aligned properly and I really can’t do that until the moon is up in a couple of weeks (unless I want to take my kit out in the car and focus on a distant land object, which I don’t!).

Simple lesson learned is to take my time and don’t change out kit that already works well. I went back to my old guiding setup and it guided like a dream all night.

I chose IC 5070 – the Pelican Nebula – as last night’s target and planned for 20×180 of Ha, S2 and O3. Somehow, while transferring the files over this morning I managed to delete 7 of the S2 files!

Anyway, this is an LRGB process of what I did capture. Total integration time is 159 minutes – I’ll probably add more to this on the next session.

20 x 180s Ha
20 x 180s O3
13 x 180s S2
20 darks, 50 flats

Higher resolution on my Astrobin page


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