M45 Pleiades – The Seven Sisters

The Pleiades are viewable in the winter skies in the Northern Hemisphere and appear as a cluster of brightish stars. When imaged through a scope, their nebulosity appears and you see them in all their glory. The M45 open star cluster is approximately 17 light years from Earth and are a relatively easy target for beginner astro-imagers. They are best known for their blue stars that illuminate what is regarded as an unconnected dust cloud between the cluster and Earth.

This image was shot on an astro-modded Canon 100D camera in early winter through a Skywatcher ED80 scope using a 0.85x focal reducer. The images were stacked in AstroPixelProcessor which is now my go-to software for stacking and pre-stretch package. I used darks, but no flats and the image had light pollution removed in APP before moving the stack across to PixInsight for final noise reduction and saturation.

The total integration was 40 x 240 seconds @ 800 ISO.

I really must get around to blogging a full review of the capabilities of APP – I can’t recommend it enough for stacking and light pollution removal.

I am really starting to view my DSLR as a solid imaging camera when I can’t be bothered with processing huge numbers of LRGB images on a mono camera setup


Higher resolution on Astrobin


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