NGC 6995 – The Eastern Veil

Last night was probably my last mid-week imaging session before I go back to work next week. I wanted to return to the Veil Nebula which I imaged earlier on this season; this time to the Eastern Veil of NGC 6995.

I’m still having some coma issues with my focal reducer – I think it might still be spacer related so I am keeping notes and trying different spacers to try and get it sorted. Who knows – maybe I’ll just have to live with it and use judicious framing and cropping.

I had some issues with guiding – I couldn’t get it to settle down, despite several polar realignments throughout the night. In the end, I put it through a meridian shift about 1am then went to bed and letting SGPro finish a run on the O3. I was expecting a folder full of unusable subs this morning but, having run them through PixInsight, I’m ok with them. This is NGC 6995, the Eastern Veil, in a Ha/O3 process. Looks quite patriotic!

Ha (7nm) 20 x 180 sec
O3 (8nm) 40 x 180 sec
25 darks, 25 flats

NGC 6995 Eastern Veil

Higher Resolution on my Astrobin account:


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