Capturing The Horsehead Nebula – Barnard 33

Over the last nine months of imaging, I have learned a lot about capturing and processing images. I have also built up a list of targets I want to capture; a list primarily driven by the classic images we’ve all seen before: Andromeda, Orion Nebula and, top of my list, The Horsehead Nebula. For some […]

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M33 Triangulum Galaxy

Autumn has arrived and, with it, the winter galaxies are coming back into night skies. I imaged Andromeda a little earlier this autumn and also had a preliminary go at M33 a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t manage to grab any chrominance subs. I’ve also been having some issues with condensation on my camera […]

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M31 Andromeda Galaxy

Images of Andromeda Galaxy are what got me interested in astronomy and, more specifically, astroimaging. When I began imaging in earnest, last March, it was the tail-end of galaxy season and I really didn’t have a clue about my equipment. Still, my first DSO was a galaxy – it was a blurred, over-exposed image of […]

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