M45 Pleiades – The Seven Sisters

The Pleiades are viewable in the winter skies in the Northern Hemisphere and appear as a cluster of brightish stars. When imaged through a scope, their nebulosity appears and you see them in all their glory. The M45 open star cluster is approximately 17 light years from Earth and are a relatively easy target for […]

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NGC 7023 Iris Nebula

Finally, some more clear nights with an almost moonless night. After my last successful outing on the Pinwheel Galaxy at the end of April, I was keen to complete at least one more LRGB image before we lose astronomical darkness for the summer. I attempted Iris Nebula last summer but a lack of ability along […]

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IC 443 Jellyfish Nebula

Finally! My QHY 163m camera is back and I can image narrowband again. One of the images that first inspired me to take up astrophotography was of IC 443, The Jellyfish nebula. A friend showed me one he took last winter and it blew me away – I had never seen such detail (I was […]

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