Jupiter May 2018

Jupiter has just gone passed opposition which made it perfect for imaging. Also, from my backyard, it was in prime position between the trees, above my neighbours’ house. With so much deep sky imaging, it is easy to overlook the bodies in our solar system, and Jupiter is an ideal candidate for even beginners to […]

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48% Moon – January 2018

I’ve done a few full moon processes recently and, as much as I enjoy both observing and imaging the full moon, a lot of surface detail is washed out. Imaging the moon at other times, however, is a different story. As usual for my lunar imaging, I used Sharpcap’s new “seeing monitor” (beta version currently) […]

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There are a number of cost effective imaging software packages available and, in my opinion, Sharpcap is one of the best. The software is regularly updated and Robin, the developer, is continually adding new features to widen the scope (no pun intended) of the package. Sharpcap is primarily an imaging solution that allows you to […]

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